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"PRMIS is the result of a college friend who became the Police Chief of Martin Tennessee (1995). He asked me to help him find a Police Records Management Information System that was affordable and minimized the use of paper. We tried but couldn't find one, so we built it.


We formed a team of subject matter experts from the PD that included not only the Chief but Investigators, Officers, Dispatchers, Administrative Records, the City Court, Clerk, and In-house Technical Support.


Today, this system is still driven by subject matter experts and has grown into a paperless but paper-like system that supports the day-to-day operation of not only the Martin PD but other PDs across the State of Tennessee. 


Since my retirement in 2015, after 32 years at the University of Tennessee Martin, I'm spending more of my time working with some of the brightest minds that are experts in the latest technologies. These teams are building solutions that are improving efficiencies for the boots-on-the-ground.


The latest: The Police Records Management Information System (PRMIS) iPad Mobile Citation. They are telling me that this Mobile Citation is like none anyone has ever seen. I credit this statement to the Administration and the Men and Women of the Martin Police Department. They provided us with their wish list, found qualified funding, took us on ridealongs so we could observe and monitor field-test, and they continue to contribute to the good of all Law Enforcement Agencies."

CEO and Founder,
Mike Abney


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