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Mobile Citation Cheat-sheet

  1. Open PRMIS Mobile

  2. Add New Citation (Allow time for GPS Location of Street Number and Street Name)

  3. Press "1. DL Photo" to take a Pic of the DL or Select No DL

  4. Press "2. Add Violator" to add DL info by using the camera to scan the back of the DL

  5. Press "3. Add Vehicle" to add registration info also using the camera to scan

  6. Press "4. Add Charge(s)" and select an offense from the dropdown

  7. Press "5. Assign Court Date" as needed

  8. Press "6. Print the Violator's Copy" using the armrest printer

  9. Gather up the DL, Registration, Proof of Insurance, and the Citation and return to the Violator

  10. Get the Violator's signature on the paper copy

  11. Hand DL and all other papers to Violator

  12. Press "7. e-Signature" to Verify Data and obtain an electronic signature by selecting the VIOLATOR'S SIGNATURE link

Happy PRMIS-ing!

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